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-5 Speed Levels and 5 Massage Heads: The NAIPO Massage Gun has 5 speed levels that adjust with revolving speed between 1200rmp-3200rpm. The 5 massage heads are able to meet all massage needs for all body parts and are very easy to switch out. -Professional Massage Gun: Designed for sport lovers & professionals, this massage gun features 12mm amplitude to target the muscle and relax your body, no hands shaking even at the highest speed. -20 Days Extra Long Endurance: Our massage gun is equipped with 2500mAh high-performance battery. Using it for 30 minutes every day in level one, the battery will last for 20 days. Ideal for taking with you during outdoor activities, for some muscle relief. -Lower Sound than Speaking Volume: The deep massage gun uses a high-quality brushless motor with sound less than 45dB so that it can be used in many places without disturbing others. The sound of level one is even lower than regular speaking voice. -1.9 lbs Lightweight Design: The updated NAIPO Massage Gun is 10% lighter than its predecessor, with a net weight of only 1.9Lbs. Friendly to use for all and the skidproof handle ensures secure use even when sweating after sports.
Professional massage gun for muscle relaxation, with high frequency it reaches the deep tissue of the muscle for quick relaxation. Especially after a workout but also suitable for daily massage. 5 intensity levels, suitable for different situations; you can choose the appropriate intensity according to your needs. The 12mm reach of the massage gun is ideal for a relaxing deep tissue massage that can relieve muscle tissues effectively. With a high-quality brushless motor, our massage gun is usable in any space without disturbing others. Sound of level 1 is quieter than regular speaking volume. This professional massage gun comes with 2500mAh high-performance battery which, if fully charged, allows for 40-day, 15-minute use without recharging on Level 1 – or 600 minutes of portable and wireless use. 4 different massage heads are able to meet the massage needs of different body parts. The deep massage can quickly relieve muscle soreness, loosening tight muscles and making exercise easy. Lightweight and Portable Massage gun Our massage gun weighs only 1.9Lbs, making it easy to use for all and will not make the user’s hands sore from use. High-Performance Motor The 2103 massage gun comes with an extra strong brushless motor – its high performance can shift to 1200rpm from 3200rpm quickly. Smart Massage Gun The device will turn off automatically after 15 minutes of idleness to save battery. The NAIPO Massage Gun is light, easy to carry, and comes with an exquisite carrying bag. Use it wherever you are without disturbing others. The massage gun comes with delicate packaging and a unique storage box to reduce abrasion and keep accessories in place. An excellent device to keep at home and a great gift for family and friends.