What is Kneading Therapy?

Kneading therapy is a massage technique that applies deep pressure on the body — enough to reach the underlying muscles. It is done to help loosen up and realign collagen fibres, which makes up the body’s muscle tissues. 

When a muscle is injured, it cannot produce the strength needed by the body to perform its function. Sore arm muscles become too painful to move, or tight calves make running challenging. This is because the collagen fibres are in disarray, reducing proper movement.

The kneading massage technique breaks down these collagen fibres through proper stimulation. In turn, your body’s muscles become more flexible. Then, your overall well-being improves because of the increase in skin and blood circulation temperature. Production of cells improves, which helps with the body’s growth and healing.

What is Kneading Massage Used For?

If your body is experiencing tightness in the tissue muscles, and you observe limited movement and flexibility of your body, then you might just need a knead therapeutic massage. 

Kneading can help relieve muscle tension. Applying pressure to the body through the kneading technique stimulates an increase in temperature in the tissues. This temperature hike is enough to loosen up the muscles. Gradually, the tightness subsides, and the body starts to reach a state of physical relaxation. 

Knead therapeutic massage is also a technique that increases a person’s flexibility. So, if you need a flexible body, may it be for sports and other physical activities, then set aside time to undergo regular kneading massages.

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What are the Benefits of Kneading Therapy?

Kneading massage has a number of benefits, including the following:

Alleviates Muscle Tension

Kneading therapy helps lessen muscle tension problems. Through this technique, the muscles are stretched, manipulating the muscle fibres to be more flexible. This increases the range of movement and decreases muscle soreness and pain in the long run. 

The friction from the kneading motion on the skin gives off enough heat on the area. This then opens up the area and allows the blood to flow properly. All these positive effects result in other benefits like faster body recovery, especially after intense workouts or activities.

Increases Range of Movement

Kneading therapy is highly beneficial for people who need to be more flexible than average. With regular kneading massages, the tissues become more elastic. This is essential in increasing flexibility. When this happens, bigger movements are easier to make. Injuries from strenuous physical activities are also prevented, thus, maximising optimum body functions and performance. 

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Decreases Muscle Pain

Almost all types of massages offer pain relief, and kneading massage is one of the highly effective ones. This massage technique helps release the body’s natural pain killers. It also produces the hormones responsible for the body to become calmer and more relaxed. The kneading motion also blocks the pain signal from the nerves to the brain, thus, reducing the painful sensation felt by the body, especially in injuries, surgeries, and other types of body trauma.

Relieves Stress

As much as this technique is a form of relaxation, it also helps relieve stress. Beyond physical stress, it also helps with mental and emotional stress, thanks to its ability to unlock the body’s feel-good hormones. It also helps lower the heart rate, especially in moments of anxiety — which is a contributing factor to stress. 

Types of Kneading Techniques

There are different types of kneading techniques that can be performed depending on the desired effect on the body. The difference lies in the pressure, speed, and massage tools.

Some of these kneading techniques are:


a technique wherein a specialist uses the palm of their hands to perform the kneading massage. It is commonly used in cases where a larger area of the body needs to be addressed.


one of the most common techniques that therapy specialists are familiar with. It involves the compression then release of pressure on bony areas of the body like the joints since it is on these areas where muscle tension usually occurs. 


 a speedier application of the kneading massage, using quick up and down hand movements to apply pressure on the tensed muscles until they loosen up.


a kneading compression technique that focuses on helping the body reach optimal blood flow and circulation.

Body Parts Commonly Treated with Kneading Therapy

While this massage technique can be applied anywhere in the body, some of the more common body parts where kneading massage is used are:

  • Calves
  • Necks
  • Shoulders
  • Thighs
  • Upper and Lower backs

But of course, you can apply kneading massage anywhere in your body that feels tense or has muscle pains.

Kneading therapy is a typical massage technique that helps treat tensed muscles, relax, and increase blood flow and flexibility. It helps remove physical and emotional stress and is an excellent way to alleviate body pain. As such, it is a very beneficial and therapeutic massage practice that you should give yourself and your body when it calls for it. Discover our quality massagers that can help you with your kneading massage needs.