What is Percussion Massage?

Percussion massage is a form of massage therapy that uses an instrument called a percussion massager. Percussion massage is an excellent way to alleviate body pain.

The body might experience muscle pain from working out, wrong posture, ageing, or an injury. In these cases, percussion massage therapy can help relieve body pain and soreness. In some instances, it can also help with injury recovery, while it increases flexibility and mobility. 

The method involves the use of a drill-like machine that sends soft yet rapid taps to the body. These taps send light shocks to the muscles and create vibrations that help loosen tense muscles.

After a rigorous physical activity or extensive workout, the body’s muscles stiffen. Having a percussion massage helps relax the muscles and brings back normal blood flow. Moreover, it quickly heals and lessens the likelihood of getting body sores.

The use of percussion massager, also known as massage gun, targets soft tissue pain. The pulses from the percussion massager seep through to the muscles and trigger them to loosen up. It is a favourite device, especially when targeting specific locations of the body. The theragun’s repeated light and quick strokes make it easy to focus on a focal point on the body.

What is a Percussion Massager?

As already mentioned, this massage technique uses a tool called Percussion Massager. These are light and portable devices that look like guns, thus often called massage guns, theraguns or percussion guns.

When applied to the affected areas of the body, a percussion massager sends tolerable vibration shocks to the body. This helps break down lactic acid buildup brought by excessive muscle use. 

The repetitive blows reach at least 10mm deep into the body and send high-frequency pressure to the muscles. The treatment instantly offers comfort and relief to the body as it aids in muscle recovery.

There are different percussion massagers available in the market. The best way to choose one that fits your needs is to check on its features. Aside from the quality of materials, it is also essential to check out the device’s intensity levels.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your massage gun is the massage heads. Different massage heads offer distinct vibration directions – vertical, or back and forth, or multidirectional. Depending on the pain encountered and the relief needed, you need to use a specific massage head for different body parts.

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What are the Benefits of Percussion Massage?

Percussive therapy also has a long list of benefits that include – but are not limited to:

Post-Surgery Treatment

In some cases, percussive therapy can accelerate a patient’s post-surgery recovery. With the guidance of a medical expert, you can use this method for faster tissue recovery and overall healing time. It clears stiffness from joints, treats muscle spasms, and helps strengthen muscle fibres.

Help with Athletic Performance

Athletes are exposed to muscle pain. For this reason, percussive therapy has become one of the most common ways to recuperate from extreme physical activities nowadays. One of its main advantages is to help stretch the muscle and connective tissues, improving mobility and responsiveness of the body.

Frequent use of percussion massagers also increases muscle strength as the pulses exercise the muscles during therapy. It also helps minimise the occurrence of cramping and muscle fatigue, especially during a game or match. As a result, they can play or perform longer.


Physical injuries might impact a person’s physical mobility. Performing physical therapy and rehabilitation helps such patients reinforce locomotor skills.

Meanwhile, percussive therapy is an option that helps speed up the rehabilitation recovery process. Sometimes, it is even the primary recovery mode, especially for cases where physical therapy is not an option. This includes those that have experienced paralysis. 

Percussion massagers help stimulate the muscles until the nerves start to respond and finally return to the body’s reflexes. Of course, medical experts will need to regulate and oversee the entire therapy to reach success. Nevertheless, percussion massagers play an essential role in some rehabilitation cases, proving therapeutic effectiveness. 


With so many health benefits to enjoy from percussion massage, it comes as no surprise that it benefits the overall wellness and wellbeing of a person. It helps improve sleep, get rid of body toxins, lowers blood pressure, and enhances immunity. In addition, it relieves stress and promotes body relaxation.


Percussion massagers are light, portable, and easy to use. As devices built with mobility and ease of access in mind, percussion guns are unlike other devices that are usually for home use only. You can carry your percussion guns anywhere, which is particularly beneficial if you have a physically demanding job or hobby. 

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When Should You Get Percussive Therapy?

With so many benefits under its belt, there is no set standard as to when the right time for a percussion massage should be. You can use them before, after, or during any form of intense physical activity. Given, of course, that you are now fully knowledgeable of how to use the device properly.

Using it before any physical activity helps warm up the muscles. Meanwhile, using it for at least 10 seconds during an exercise will allow the muscles to oxygenate while it prevents muscle tension. Lastly, using it post-workout or after any physical activity will help eliminate post-workout toxins and help avoid muscle pain and soreness. 

If you know that your lifestyle involves strenuous activities that may take a toll on your body, then having a percussion gun would be a great way to prevent significant body pain. This goes for people who often go to the gym, for athletes, and people with physically demanding jobs.

But of course, percussive therapy can be for everyone. You can access and use percussive treatment in various ways. So, for as long as your body requires this massage technique, then you can freely invest in a massager gun that works in your best interest. 

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